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Atypi Branding & Identity


This is a type conference that is held annually, this year was for 2013 when it was held in Amsterdam.


The conference's theme was “Point Counter Point” the conference needed booklet, gifts and a layout design for the stages and front desk.

My role 

Design and create the assets, take-ways and informational booklet in the theme of the conference.


Design look and feel is based on the theme of the conference. I had to make promotional themed for the conference takeaways of gifts and booklets of the information for the conference schedule of speakers, days, general information of the cost of the conference, the trip to get there, and the history of the conference.  Also, the night events which I chose to create as a separate pocket booklet of night events.

The small booklet is bound accordion style in a blanket stitch. The large booklet is perfect bound style also in a blanket stitch. For a handmade feel but also to be able to fold the book in many orientations for the way they may be sitting or where they may be going after it will fit in a pocket.

The gifts were chosen for the elegance and the lifetime capability of the items to last and become a household must use. The male gift contains a flashlight lighter with a small multipurpose dish in a tin box. The female gift that contains a bracelet and a small bottle of perfume in a jewelry box.

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