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Website Example- Food/Recipes Blog



A blog for a foodie or recipe maker to share their creations and invite others to share.


An attractive easy to navigate website for a blogger to have a community made of people they have invited or are fans to add. 

My role 

Concept & website design


First decided how many pages were needed for this website. I decided on a Home- invite people with the latest postings and a small about info, About- information about the writer and an image, Blog- with the latest posts, archives and member login/sign-up to post, Member page- login/signup with any email, Facebook or Google, Contact- with image and form to submit an email.

The design, look and feel is modern, fun and inviting with image heavy from the blog so it is the main focal point and easy to navigate to from any page. Header on top tells people exactly where to go, the images on the front page entice people to keep scrolling to the blog posts, then go to the blog and get lost in reading the posts to become a member and start adding to the collection.

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