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Genesis Brand



Branding Identity and Packaging and more for Genesis Mattresses and Adjustable Bases. This project spanned over the year 2017 into 2018 with 7 other sub-brands, 4 are on the main portfolio page besides this one.


Design with the client's request for this brand was to use the logo to create the look. We went through a rebranding process 6monthd  after we discussed the in-store look for the headboard and foot protectors after the initial branding set was finished.

My role 

Concept and design brand identity, assets and packaging. Plus other items needed for the branding. I worked with a partner on a few items of copy amount of the copy. Directed product photoshoot.


I created numerous things over the last year as the brand grew. I directed a photo shoot for the mattresses and bases product and lifestyle images. I created and designed display items for the products in the store such as a display headboard, pillowcase display and more I also talked with our factories to get the mattress and packaging created correctly.




Posters, other various promotional items, price sheet layout for sales, sales folder, product handbook, product handouts had the content written and designed with the owner and me.  Going into the mattress or adjustable base box were the warranty & unpacking instructions were made to match the brand theme, I wrote the cards inner guts and created the layout.


I created the layouts and wrote most of the product descriptions and information, slogan and phrases for marketing purposes. I wrote the content description on the boxes, products and inside of the booklets. As well as the icons and other various small design elements you see throughout the brand.


They also wanted promotional items that were unique in comparison to what another offers in the mattress so we chose a “get to sleep kit”  that aided in sleep, as well as gifts for the dealers like pens etc… goal, lt was to be useful gifts that would be kept. Also the website layout for the product in the display.


You will notice two looks to this brand. The brand was created with a logo and a slight bit of content until our initial branding process to get the brand up and running for the owner. Once we had the collateral we needed we started a rebrand for the upcoming year.


Some of these items are displayed but not all (don’t want to bog down the page) Changes were made by the choice of the owner and marketing manager for logistical purpose over design purpose.

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