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Branding Identity and Packaging for Optima Mattresses and Adjustable Bases. This project spanned over the year 2017 into 2018 with 7 other sub-brands, 4 are on the main portfolio page besides this one.


Design with the client's request for this brand was to use the logo otherwise the style was open.

My role 

Concept and design brand look and packaging with the logo provided.


Layout for the Price sheet in the sales department, Card- written content and layout, Pillow Insert and Unpacking instructions to match for inside the boxes. Plus a sticker tag to identify the rolled mattresses not in boxes.

The packaging boxes are for the mattress and the adjustable base. The base box die cut, I created for this style of base size. I took the measurements of the product in shipping form and created the die-cut so our product would not end up with distortion on the information and graphics.


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