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Handcrafted Book


The rulebook is a handcrafted book for a roommate or fun household.


To create a book that would sit on a coffee table or bookshelf in a house of roommates for fun and info. 

My role 

Content creation, design and execute the format and structure of the book.


The design of the book was to be like a storybook in that the first word is larger than the rest. This version is for females (or certain males). It consists of rules in French and English because the rules in French are the most important. They were chosen to be French to make a guest curious to ask therefore making them remember more. The book is designed, printed, hand sewn and bound together. The paper is a rice paper embedded with leaves. In between the pages is the same paper as the cover to create opaque pages. Each page is hand sewn together with the paper on the cover in between the rice paper and bound to together.  


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