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True Essence


True Essence is a handcrafted violin made from natural elements. The violin is a full-size model for an adult. (not actually playable)


To create a naturally beautiful sculpture to capture the true beauty of the item created, I chose the Violin. I have played since 1st grade so it has an essence to me that is unmistakable, I wanted to illustrate that physically.

My role 

Concept, design and execute a sculpture.


The purpose is also a part of the process. I used my personal inspiration for the instrument’s sound, how it felt and looked to me naturally then went from there to the park and outdoors for materials.


The violin is coiled willow branches in the center. For the outer body is it is wrapped in braided red and white reeds. The bow is the braided white and red reeds strung with sisal rope. The bridge is a section of nails from a nail gun. Screws for the pegs holding the strings, the strings are real instrument strings


I photographed and art directed the photoshoot of the violin. As well as the choice the poses, clothing and color the hair of the model.


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